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From financial goals to fantastic realities.

Members Choice Credit Union has been passionate about providing financial literacy to our local communities since 1932. Our “Where members matter.” Tagline is more than just words – it incorporates our morals we live by to serve our members and communities. To help achieve a financially fit community, MCCU finds financial literacy is key. Our mission is to improve the quality of your financial life, no matter where you are in life. Being financially fit is important as you start a family, purchase a home, or go into retirement. Wherever you are in life, we are here to help you along the way.

Every day we show our members how to become a Financially Fit Community with our literacy programs through community outreach.

Bank On

Members Choice, along with other local financial institutions, have partnered with United Way Bank On program.
What is Bank On?

Bank On programs negotiate with banks and credit unions in local communities to reduce barriers to banking and increase access to the financial mainstream. Typically led by local government or state public officials, Bank On programs are voluntary, public/private partnerships between local or state government, financial institutions, and community-based organizations that provide low-income un- and underbanked people with free or low-cost starter or “second chance” bank accounts and access to financial education.

Bank On of Northeast (our region) is held the second Thursday of every month at the Boyd County Public Library, from 6 PM – 8 PM.


Members Choice and ACTC started offering an opportunity for students internship for those looking to enter the business world after graduation in early 2018. Developed by both institutions, MCCU/ACTC Mentorship program will be offered each semester to interested and qualified students.

While focusing specifically on the many jobs offered in area financial institutions, the program seeks to give participants a broad range of skills and experiences that will translate to any working environment. Soft skills such as workplace communication, professional writing, interview/resume workshops, and habits of effective employees will be covered, and students will have opportunities to pursue independent projects tailored to their professional interests.

For more information on this recent collaboration click here.


Over 10 Kentucky schools are using Banzai, a free, online financial literacy program that teaches students about adult financial dilemmas. Students are experiencing adult financial dilemmas from the inside of their own classrooms for free since MCCU partnered with Banzai.
The goal at Banzai is to educate and inspire students to take their future into their own hands by developing positive financial habits. Banzai incorporates real-life scenarios such as paying rent, auto insurance, overdraft fees, saving for unexpected accidents, college, and more. Students navigate through the course and make realistic financial decisions. And similar to real life, the students are either rewarded or have repercussions based on those decisions.

View the impact MCCU is making on local schools here.

Seminars & Events

Members Choice Credit union offers educational seminars to help get members and the community financially fit. Seminars and events are hosted by MCCU staff members in conjunction with financial, legal, and real estate experts who provide current topical information and resources beyond the Credit Union’s traditional role.

Throughout the year, we offer many seminars on a variety of topics including budgeting, credit scoring, identity theft, and vehicle purchasing.

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