Staff & Volunteers

Board of Directors

Title Name
Chairman Russell White
Vice Chairman Johnny Abbott
Secretary Treasurer Ken Smith
Board Members Don Neikirk
Gary Darnell
Jennifer Gray
John Townsend


Supervisory Committee

Title Name
Co-Chair Jerry Moore
Co-Chair Tom Johnston
Co-Chair Luann Serey
Co-Chair Bryan Smith




Name Title Ext.
Cheryl Deborde
NMLO# 1489750
President 266
Bryan Sparks
NMLO# 412427
Loans Manager 240
Michelle Colegrove Accounting 230
Perry Blake Human Resources and Project Manager 276
Clark Menshouse IT Manager 241
Tiffany Black Business Development and Marketing Manager 277
Alan Parrott
NMLO# 257052
Collections Manager 265
David Deborde Governance, Risk & Compliance Manager 237
Jenna Ramey Operations Manager 273


Name Title Ext.
Betty Boggs Collector 227
Donna Hewlett
NMLO# 412426
Loan Officer 223
Nancy Kiger
NMLO# 412424
Loan Officer 233
Lois Skaggs
NMLO# 412423
Loan Officer 224
Vickie Bayless
NMLO# 1085655
Loan Officer 251
Rita Scaggs
NMLO# 412421
Loan Officer 243
Rebekah Tolliver
NMLO# 1162404
Collector 267
Darlene Riley Collector 259
Christy Evans
NMLO# 793221
Loan Officer / Collections 255
Rene Allen
NMLO# 946961
Loan Officer 250
Angel Shrewsbury
NMLO# 1489751
Loan Officer 271
Mary French
NMLO# 1647003
Loan Officer 236
Elizabeth Caskey File Clerk 221
Jennifer Humphrey Collector 270
Debby Parker Loan Clerk 274


Service Representatives
Name Title
Roberta Johnson Receptionist
Deborah Hovis Receptionist
Stephanie Broughman Head Teller
Pamela Stevens Head Teller
Susan Daniels Head Teller
Kelly Pauley Teller
Brittany Lemaster Teller
Dawn Collins Teller
Heather Gannon Teller
Lisa Dunlap Teller
Sierra Rice Teller
Angela Christian Teller
Autumn Peterman Teller
Brittany Brammell Teller
Kathryn Frazer Teller
McKenzi Bailey Teller
Crystal Collins Teller
Trevor Lindsey Teller
Michelle Hagley Teller
Ashley Caskey Teller


Accounting Services
Name Title Ext.
Marci Campbell Electronic Processing 269
Lisa Robinette Bookkeeper 232
Dana Roberts Bookkeeper 268
Tina Craft Card Services 257
Jessica Brown Back Office Clerk 278


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